Projects (Deprecated)

I started focusing on iOS development in early 2014. Here are some of the apps I’ve worked on so far!

Below is a full list of projects I’ve done in my free time, at a hackathon, or for the pure fun of it. Enjoy!

(If I missed any, you can always see what I’m up to on GitHub 👻)

CodePath University, Spring 2016


Served as the lead mentor for the CodePath University iOS program held at Virginia Tech! I helped student leaders plan assignment review sessions and held office hours during labs.

Emotiboard, Fall 2015


Frustrated by how hard it is to send an emoticon on iOS? I was too. To solve this, I made a custom keyboard extension that allows you to save emoticon snippets and quickly enter them as text input. You can download it in the App Store!

Rest, Fall 2015


During my first week at Recurse Center, I built a small iOS bedtime calculator to let you know when to wake up in accordance to your sleep cycles. On the other hand, if you have a target wake up time, it’ll tell you when to fall asleep! You can download it in the App Store!

Three, Spring 2015


As a part of the Spring 2015 CodePath Swift cohort, my team and I built Three, an iOS app to help users track three positive things that happen each day. Additional features included an entry assistant, Dropbox backup, Today extension, and reminders. CodePath focused on transitioning existing web developers into mobile engineers through a rigorous eight week course taught by Ben Sandofsky and others! From this course, I actually switched from an API role at Imgur to their iOS team, where I help write the core app 🚀

Mandible, January 2015


An open source image uploader written in Go that can easily be deployed to AWS EC2 or Heroku with pluggable storage layers. It won 4th place (out of 128 hacks) at the inaugural Gopher Gala hackathon!

HackSC, November 2014


I was a mentor at the Fall 2014 edition of HackSC, where I helped answer technical questions and guided the building of hackathon projects!

ph_py, September 2014

Python, Mentoring

At PennApps X, my team and I built a Python wrapper for Product Hunt’s API! This was also my first hackathon serving as a mentor, where I helped other students with technical questions 🙌

Copocket, August 2014

Python, Flask, Memcached, MongoDB, Pocket’s REST API

At the inaugural YC Hacks, my team and I built a web app on top of Pocket’s API that allows users to effectively share their reading list with others! We also included privacy features, so that users are in control of what is shared.

imgurpython, Summer 2014


Whenever I had free time as an API developer at Imgur, I helped maintain the official python wrapper for their V3 API!

Bridging Data and Dance Music, 2014

Python, Sentiment Analysis, D3.js

For my undergraduate thesis at UVa, I performed a time series analysis on DJ Mag Top 100 data, created network diagrams of DJs at festivals, and implemented sentiment analysis on SoundCloud comments! I presented my research to over 100 students. You can view the presentation here!

Clutter, January 2014

Objective-C, Python, Cocoa

At PennApps Spring 2014, my team and I built Clutter, an OS X menubar app to manage your ~/Downloads folder. Clutter allows you to easily set expiration dates for files, so they can be automatically be deleted this evening or even a few months from now. Clutter will also magically unzip compressed files, install downloaded applications, and even remind you when files are about to be cleaned up!

UVa Search Extension, December 2013

Python, Flask, Haskell, Chrome Extension API

My friend and I wrote a scraper for UVa’s student directory to create a type-ahead search extension for students. We packaged this as a chrome extension for users with keyboard shortcuts and copy-to-clipboard functionality!

VibeBack, September 2013

Python, Flask, Android

Using the volume buttons on an Android phone, VibeBack can let your friends know your current geolocation, battery life, send an S.O.S, or a custom message. The hack won ‘Best use of Firebase’ at PennApps Fall 2013!, July 2013

Node.js, Underscore.js

At Twitter’s quarterly hackweek (look for me @ 0:55!), I built a lightweight web app to help people manage their followers on Instagram. Using the underscore.js collections library, the web app helps give you insight on mutual and asymmetric follows! The site has been deprecated, but you can find the source here!, June 2013

Node.js, PHP

Building off of the usernames we accumulated from our previous hack, Snapgraph (below), we decided to start an image/video contest on top of Snapchat’s platform. Programatically, we sent out over 42k snaps and received thousands of replies and hosted them on (deprecated). This kind of hack got a little bit of attention on Hacker News and landed us a trip to visit the Snapchat HQ! My friend wrote about our experience here.

Snapgraph, January 2013

Node.js, Express, D3.js

At PennApps Winter 2013, my friends and I built a web app that allowed you to view network diagrams of your Snapchat best friends. This was possible because when Snapchat was first released, top three best friends for each user were publicly accessible via web URLs. We scaped these URLs using and implemented the diagrams with D3.js.

Habitat for Humanity: Charlottesville, 2012 - 2013


For the 2012 - 2013 school year, I helped volunteer in a Service Learning Practicum to build web apps for nonprofits in Charlottesville. In doing so, my team and I built a management site for H4H: Cville, to better allow them to track houses, member families, and internal metrics.

quadcode, Spring 2012

Node.js, Express, Apache Solr

As a part of HackCville, my friend and I built quadcode. The goal of quadcode is to serve as a search engine for code snippets, algorithms, and scaffolding that developers often find themselves googling or scavenging through StackOverflow to find. We presented our work at HackCville Super Demo!

BattSignal, September 2012

Node.js, Android, MongoDB

At PennApps Fall 2012, my team and I built BattSignal, an app that shows you the battery life and signal strength of your friends’ phone. It also broadcasts an S.O.S. message to your close friends when your battery drops below 10%. You can see our demo here! It won Zynga’s Bay Area Favorite Award. Also, Filepicker regarded it with “polished design that a number of top hacks exhibited”.

LyncUp, August 2012

Windows Phone, AppEngine

During one of my summers at Microsoft, my friend and I participated in the Intern XAPFest. During the summer-long hackathon, we built a Windows Phone app that finds interesting meetup locations, provides turn by turn directions, and a real-time location status of all the friends involved. We ended up winning first place!

EventHandler, July 2012

Node.js, Android

Claiming 2nd place in the Facebook Seattle Hackathon 2012, our team built an Android app and a web app to analyze your Facebook events. Example stats include gender ratio, age distributions, mutual friends, and other metrics to award fun badges!