Unedited highlights —

Roll #6

Visiting Friend of a Friend.

The reason I dance in empty elevators.

Roll #5

Good ol’ Misty (in New Hartford).

Checkin’ out Only NY’s NYC collection.

My go-to back when I worked at Peloton.

Ninety cuts and counting with Tyler.

Elizabeth Street Garden.

Roll #3 and 4

Joining Erin and Mr. Boehmer to prep Freedom for winter.

Revisiting ol’ photo albums.

The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.

Point-Free on the back porch.

The walk from the L to BCNY.

En route to a team lunch.

Aforementioned team lunch.

The first “this is what we’re looking for” apartment viewing in Jersey City.

Croton Landing Park.

View from The Garrison Institute’s dorms.

The dining hall.

Breaking silence after the retreat.

Casey’s reading retreat.

One for the moms.

Roll #2

Erin rocking her favorite jersey.

My desk at BCNY.

Shiva doin’ what the sign says.

Taken before Carta’s rebrand.

Mrs. Boehmer ⇔ Ms. Singh.

Roll #1

The Canadians were the first to visit to my Flatiron apartment.

A (happy) lighting accident (with Andrew, Sean, and Beryl).

Transmitter Park.

Square wheels over hyperbolic cosines.

Taken during Franky Wah’s Superior Ingredients set.