(Last Updated: 10/7/2017)

Thoughts (RSS)

An attempt to create a public, high-cadence log of what’s on my mind. Along the spectrum between my Twitter account and my blog, this journal sits in-between. Unpolished thoughts, developed over time.

How’d I End Up in NYC?

I’m originally from and grew up in Fairfax Station, Virginia. After graduation in 2014, I headed out to San Francisco for about a year. But, I eventually found myself back on the East-Coast. The only part of the “Where do you see yourself in five years?” question I feel remotely confident answering is that I’ll still be in New York.

What Am I Struggling With Right Now?

A couple of things:

  • Growing out of the “iOS Engineer” label. I recently wrote about the power of the labels we hold—both voluntarily and involuntarily. Simply calling myself an “engineer” might inadvertently lower my ceiling, since I love exploring the folds of product, technology, and thoughtful design.
  • Finding an editor. A long-term goal I’m working towards at the moment is writing professionally. Hiring an editor is likely a point along that trajectory. If you have any recommendations, it’d mean a ton if you sent them my way.

What I’d Love to Help You With

Questions I’m Thinking About

  • Ways to slow down one’s perception of time
  • How can we foster effortful learning (espoused in Make it Stick) in an age of fleeting content (tweets, snaps, and faster-paced blogs)?
  • There are tons of clear thinkers out there that don’t write. How do we surface their thoughts without the friction associated with blogs and Medium posts, yet provide more room for nuance than Twitter?

What I Would Like To Be Known For

Things I Spend/Spent Way Too Much Time On