Hi, my name is Jasdev Singh! I’m an engineer who loves building APIs and iOS apps! I currently work at Peloton as a software engineer.

I’ve previously worked at Tumblr as an iOS Core Engineer, Imgur as an API and iOS engineer, and spent time building side projects at the Recurse Center. Before that, I interned at Twitter (in the KPCB Fellow ‘13 Class), Fitocracy, and Microsoft. I was one of the founders of UVa’s first student hackathon and also studied math and computer science there (SEAS ‘14).

In my free time, I love building habits, cycling, reading, and following corgi accounts on Instagram. Also, I run Public Extension, where I tweet out handy Swift language extensions. Occasionally, I give talks! Dance music is a big part of my life (wrote my thesis on it).

I’m originally from and grew up in Virginia, lived in San Francisco after graduating, and am currently living in New York!

For the curious: