(Last Updated: 2/23/2018)

Thoughts (RSS)

An attempt to create a public, high-cadence log of what’s on my mind. Along the spectrum between my Twitter account and my blog, this journal sits in-between. Unpolished thoughts, developed over time.

How’d I End Up in NYC?

I’m originally from and grew up in Fairfax Station, Virginia. After graduation in 2014, I headed out to San Francisco for about a year. But, I eventually found myself back on the East-Coast. The only part of the “Where do you see yourself in five years?” question I feel remotely confident answering is that I’ll still be in New York.

What Am I Struggling With Right Now?

  • Finding an editor. A long-term goal I’m working towards at the moment is writing professionally. Hiring an editor is likely a point along that trajectory. If you have any recommendations, it’d mean a ton if you sent them my way.

What I’d Love to Help You With

Questions I’m Thinking About

  • Ways to slow down one’s perception of time
  • How can we foster effortful learning (espoused in Make it Stick) in an age of fleeting content (tweets, snaps, and faster-paced blogs)?
  • Does vertical scrolling as a design pattern have any (unintended) subconscious consequences?
  • Whether “being present” is subtractive or additive?
  • What would a “slow“ (social or information) network look like? One where consumption might be limited to specific cadences or hours of the day.

What I Would Like To Be Known For

Things I Spend/Spent Way Too Much Time On