Hey! I’m Jasdev. Distillations is a little corner of the Internet where I put my writing with the help from peers around me.


I’m an engineer and writer in New York. Outside of Distillations, I spend my time cycling (indoors), listening to dance music (trance, melodic dubstep, progressive, deep, and tech house), and nerding out about math (mostly Category Theory).

Currently, I spend my work days on Peloton’s engineering team and previously did the same on Tumblr and Imgur’s. Prior, I interned at Twitter (KPCB ’13), Fitocracy, and Microsoft while studying mathematics at UVA (SEAS ’14). And in between, I took breaks to attend the Recurse Center (F1 ’15), Orbital’s Engineering Management Studio (Fall ’18), and Advanced Functional Programming (Summer ’19).

I’m originally from and grew up in Fairfax Station, Virginia. After graduation, I headed out to San Francisco, but eventually found myself back on the East Coast a little over a year later.

One of the most impactful questions I’ve come across is “what would you like to be known for?” Below is my answer to point out traits I try to express.

  • Making the world better through people.
  • A friend who loves infinitely, yet challenges peers to grow.
  • Someone who thinks aloud as a reminder that we usually experience similar invisible wounds.