My name is Jasdev Singh. Distillations is a container for my thoughts on human be­hav­ior, our relationship with technology, and engineering. Since writing of this kind develops over time, I won’t keep a strict posting schedule. But, you can expect monthly updates. The collection wouldn’t be possible without the incredible feedback and illustrations from peers around me.

Also, I’ve kept some older—and very embarrassing—posts around to allow for nostalgic explorations of past work (and hopefully mile mark my progress?).

About Me

I’m an engineer and writer in New York. Outside of Distillations, I spend my time cycling, listening to dance music (wrote my thesis on the genre), and building products that help us build better versions of ourselves.

Currently, I spend my days on Peloton’s engineering team. Previously, I built APIs and apps at Tumblr, Imgur, and the Recurse Center (F1 ’15). Before that, I interned at Twitter (KPCB ’13), Fitocracy, and Microsoft while studying mathematics at UVA (SEAS ’14).

I’m originally from and grew up in Fairfax Station, Virginia. After graduation in 2014, I headed out to San Francisco for a year. But, I eventually found myself back on the East Coast. The only part of the “where do you see yourself in five years?” I feel remotely confident answering is that I’ll still be in New York.

One of the most impactful questions I’ve come across is “what would you like to be known for?” I’ve added my answer below to point out my north stars and keep me accountable.