Hey! I’m Jasdev. This is a corner of the Internet where I put my writing with the help from peers around me.


I currently work on The Browser Company’s engineering team. Outside that, I spend my time cycling (mostly indoors), listening to dance music, and taking photos.

Prior, I co-founded RIFF (now Juice) and previously worked on engineering teams at Peloton, Tumblr, and Imgur. Before that, I interned at Twitter (KPCB ’13), Fitocracy, and Microsoft while studying mathematics at UVA (SEAS ’14). And in between, I took breaks to attend Orbital’s Engineering Management Studio (Fall ’18), Advanced Functional Programming (Summer ’19), and two batches at the Recurse Center (Spring 2 ’20 and F1 ’15).

An impactful question I’ve come across is “what would you like to be known for?” Below is my most recent answer.