Distillations is a collection of personal and technical writing. Or, if we’re being candid — and we are — , a homesick mathematician who also writes about feelings.

First time here? Entries with an asterisk are some of my favorites.

Engineering and mathematics

A screencast on deriving Publisher from Swift’s Sequence protocol*
A publisher temperature primer
A screencast on time-based prefixing in Combine
Multicasting, Publisher.share(replay:), and ReplaySubject*
A materialization primer
setFailureType, setOutputType, and initial objects*
An operator fusion primer*
Writing a Combine operator: variadic zipping
Conditional flatMap’ing
Operator etymology
Deriving reactive from imperative: an introduction to duals

Short form

Technical diary
Link blog (Twitter mirror, mobile, RSS)
Minor Lemmas


Letters to J
Introducing Substrate
Bodies of work*
To my unread books*
Untaken opportunities*
Invisible badges: handling long-term injuries*
Slowing down the web
Ladder construction
Slowing down time
Alone in parallel
Digital drift
Time under tension
Ambient social intimacy
Emotional ranges: a way to think about empathy*
Crafting space to be ourselves
Peeling off labels
No response needed
Chasing earned fatigue
The interplay between high-cadence and well-formed thoughts
Digital attics and service shutdowns
Pouring my whole self into work
Finite steps in infinite feeds: my story with information overload
Nostalgia and upper bounds
Always-on conversations