Distillations is Jasdev Singh’s little corner on the Internet. Outside of tending to this blog, I’m an engineer at The Browser Company, contributor to El Cap, and previously worked on engineering teams at Peloton, Tumblr, Imgur, Twitter, and Microsoft.

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Learning roll by roll.


Quickly printing to reMarkable
Finding prime monomials
Generating captions*
An inclusive overload of Publisher.prefix(while:)
A screencast on deriving Publisher from Swift’s Sequence protocol
A publisher temperature primer
A screencast on time-based prefixing in Combine
Multicasting, Publisher.share(replay:), and ReplaySubject*
A materialization primer
setFailureType, setOutputType, and initial objects*
An operator fusion primer*
Writing a Combine operator: variadic zipping
Conditional flatMap’ing
Operator etymology
Deriving reactive from imperative: an introduction to duals


Letters to J
Buttondown archive
Holding multiple truths
Introducing substrate
Bodies of work*
To my unread books*
Invisible badges: handling long-term injuries*
Slowing down the web
Ladder construction
Slowing down time
Alone in parallel
Digital drift
Time under tension
Ambient social intimacy
Emotional ranges: a way to think about empathy*
Crafting space to be ourselves
Peeling off labels
No response needed
Chasing earned fatigue
The interplay between high-cadence and well-formed thoughts
Digital attics and service shutdowns
Pouring my whole self into work
Finite steps in infinite feeds: my story with information overload
Nostalgia and upper bounds
Always-on conversations

Short form

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Minor Lemmas
Technical notebook