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Gramercy Tavern Valentine’s.


Finally visiting Sean’s stomping grounds, LIC.

Usual pit stop en route to BCNY.

After telling ’em there’s a snack box in the pantry.

Behzod’s second visit (photos from his first).

(at Gumption (rocking the Chromachron)).

Took the craftsman (Taylor) to the source.

And then Erin took him to her source.

Got a soft spot for murals and graffiti — taken in New Orleans.

Besthoff Sculpture Garden.

A lil’ Philly in NOLA.

Do Ho Suh’s Karma was the best installation, hands down.

Another look.

The Flatiron location was my gym of seven years.

Waiting for the movers to bring our stuff from Flatiron to Jersey City.

Double checking our potters would fit.

En route to the Silverman resident social.

Tricycle ⇔ Motorcycle (note the covered ears).


The orchid I got Erin’s folks last year re-bloomed.