• Had a bit of time to digest all of the information from the Tim Ferriss live podcast recording last night. While it was packed with gems, it’s hard not to look past the fact that the guests were entirely male (only one person of color). This lack of diversity might be why I started to pull back from his content. This isn’t to say that his work is bad, but it could be so much better with different voices.
  • The more I read about @dhh and @jasonfried, the more I realize that they’re silently building the version of Slack that caters to people who want to work for many decades. Not the version where you’re always reachable, constantly struggling to keep up with channels, etc. that leads to the “always-available“ culture we have in startups.
    • A takeaway I got from David’s comment about “engagement being a vanity metric for companies“ is that I want to work for companies where engagement => positive impacts on user’s lives. Feel great about this with Peloton.
  • “Information without emotion isn’t retained.“ adds to writing notes