• Today I had that magical “I love my job“ moment.
  • First studio session w/ Peloton (previously had done on-demand rides for post-surgery recovery). The experience is fantastic. These past two bullets sound cheesy, but it’s so refreshing to work in a domain that resonates with me personally.
  • Late to realize this. But, a way I’m trying to foster a feeling of home in NYC is by finding “my spot.“ Perpetuum seems like the best candidate so far. Have a future vision of hosting 1x1s with my team there, if I become a manager/tech lead some day.
  • “In the end, winning is sleeping better.”
    • Quote really hit home with me after noticing that my favorite days are the ones where I hit the bed emotionally/physically exhausted (in a good way)
      • Is there a synonym for exhaustion that has a positive connotation?