• Looking back on my tweet about NYC finally feeling like home. Meeting certain people helped contribute to that. Kate and Jason are two of them. I hope to do the same for any new NYC transplants.
  • During my reading session today w/ Originals, Grant challenged one of the core assumptions I’m basing this journal off of (which I’m glad he does)! On 12/7’s entry, I made a note that this private–soon to be public–journal doesn’t have the mechanisms to allow dopamine conditioning from likes, RTs, etc. However, Grant argues that in doing a volume of work, that feedback is essential in determining which of your ideas are great (because we’re notoriously bad at self-assessment). I don’t know if virality metrics are the right form of feedback though. Going to sit on this for a bit.
    • Coming back to this. Grant’s stance of getting feedback on volumes of work doesn’t really apply to journals. Still a good thought to chew on, but, the intent of this log isn’t to be a form of creative output. Just high cadence thoughts (shoutout to Ryan).
  • Good posture (not forced) is attractive.