• Not gonna lie, post surgery life is a bit tough. It’s hard to know if I’m pushing it too much on the exercise front or if it’s just residual recovery pain (since it’s all below the skin).
  • Day 1 with Spectacles. Still digesting their impact. Like my approach to saving text notes in a platform-agnostic format, I’m consciously saving all of my Spectacle video files. These glasses are powerful in that they enable first-person memories.
  • Finally got to see Toshi after so long. Missed him a ton. One of those friends that transcends the normal compartments we tend to bucket our friends into (i.e. work friends, sports team friends, etc.)
  • On the train to Utica now, thinking about this journal. Still would like a way for people to subscribe to it (but still be somewhat involved, as a proxy for intimacy). Maybe an RSS feed that hits the Canvas API and generates a diff each day?