• After chatting with certain people in my life, I’ll either notice that I have more or less energy after the conversation. Definitely want to stay close to those who induce the former. Hanging with Ashoka this past week reminded me of this.
  • Spent the entire day just reading. Still days like these feel amazing.
  • One thing I really admire about Lickability is how they allow friends to join their Slack. A common desire for employees is to work with friends, what a great way to bring that in-house.
  • Reading Jordan’s post on Spectacles and how they’ve affected his thinking, I’m starting to realize this for myself and Twitter. The network is definitely more valuable than FB, Instagram, etc. for me personally, but I want to decondition this tendency to think in small ’bites.’ Might go on read-only hiatus for a bit and post here.