• Through journals like this, my daily private journal, and my monthly checkins with Shiva, I tend to notice that I lack the urge to do larger yearly “reviews.“ The incremental course adjustment seems to work better for me. However, when asking myself what went well and what didn’t go well in 2016, here are the things that bubble up in my mind (more stream of conscious, gut instinct)
    • Went well
      • Exercise. Reached the best shape of my life this year. However, that also came with an unfortunate side-effect of needing surgery (and potentially needing another in the next couple of weeks). But, going through that experience has taught me a lot about myself and how the phrase “X is my meditation,“ where X isn’t meditation itself is generally flawed.
      • Changing to working on what I love. Joining Peloton has done wonders for my happiness. I’m finally working on something that resonates with me personally, that I almost have no desire to do side-projects, because I’m putting my whole self into features at the office.
      • Moving back into the city with roommates. Although I’m an introvert, I love ambient company. As trite as the evolution lens is, it’s rings true for me. Living in group settings helps me have a better baseline contentedness.
    • Didn’t go well
      • Allowing enough recharge days. I’m bad at saying no. While I’m game to hang with friends and catch up with old ones, I need to be more realistic about how much social activity I can take in a given week. 1x1 dinners five times a week leave me drained.
      • Reading. I ended the year with a better cadence. But, I missed my mark on the number of books I wanted to read. Fewer blogs, more books.
      • (A bit hungry right now, haven’t eaten lunch yet, brb, going to sit on this more)