• Shared a link to this journal for the first time.
  • Still trying to figure out the best way to phrase this–but, some of my closest friends are the ones I (goof|derp) around with the most. Take Jay Whang and Jonathon Ho for example. They’re easily two of the smartest people I know, yet we’re so comfortable around one another, that we’ll say/laugh at the dumbest things. I’ll have days where I’ll cry of laughter reading their messages. I want to suss that out of other close friends. A “derp litmus test,“ per say.
    • “Little rainbows of absurdity“ as Tim Ferriss phrased it in the Tools of Titans
  • Working through some of the less glamorous tickets at work, I’m reminded of Curtis’ thoughts on this. Occasionally, you’ll have to put the team on your back and do the dirty work. But, when you’re a one-person shop, this slowdown in productivity needs to be weighed against accordingly. Definitely not black and white, but there is a balance.