• Been a while since I’ve made an entry. Migrating the thought journal to my personal site (Canvas’ mobile app is currently un-maintained, Salesforce’s acquisition of Quip will always loom over, and GDocs doesn’t support Markdown).
  • Great thread here between Nathan and Nikhil.
    • I can see both sides of the coin. “Stability of [government]” definitely precedes all else. On the other hand, people’s reluctance to share/start interesting conversations during these times puts us all at a disservice (arguably a smaller one, as I mentioned). Really makes you think about what your “posts” online are adjacent to.
    • Surfacing threads like these or gems buried in @-mentions would make for an awesome newsletter.
  • Made another social leap of faith this past week. Going to keep up the momentum (I’ll reveal more soon in this journal).
  • Answering questions for a written interview (to be released soon) has made me realize how much I’ve changed in the past few years. Prompts like “tell us about yourself” are becoming increasingly complex for me, in a way that feels great.
  • Fodder for one of my queued blog posts
  • Tweet of the day ❤️