• Just got news that I don’t need a second surgery (deep exhale). Finally can get back to training. The ’limbo’ state of not knowing an outcome was the hardest to deal with. Noticed a similar parallel in a previous long distance relationship (and those of my close friends). There needed to be an end goal in mind, where one of the partners (or both) take the hit and move to the same place. If that conversation isn’t addressed, it tends to lead to issues (something I tried to resolve, in my move to NYC).
  • Walking home today, I forgot to play music after putting in my headphones. Reminded me of Nikhil’s thought on this earlier in the week. Just walking in silence with my thoughts, gave me the ability to notice aspects of my commute I typically gloss over. Nothing particularly profound here, just a nice reminder that I can turn off autopilot when navigating the city.