• Last day of the month, absolutely flew by.
  • While setting up the new laptop at work, I’ve realized that the “lazy-loading” approach to configuring my development environment works best. That is, instead of spending a day to install all of the tools I “think“ I need, I just install them as I go. Helps avoid the “configuration trap” I’ve wanted to write about for some time.
  • Experimenting with 3+ hour SelfControl.app sessions at the office => deep work has skyrocketed. Going to keep this up.
  • Hilarious moment when Matt noticed I was doing his on-demand class today at the office.
  • As I’m writing this, the phrase I mentioned on 12/12/16 is still lingering: “In the end, winning is sleeping better.”
    • For me (touched on this on 1/12/17), that means doing three things: pushing my mind (difficult problems), pushing my heart (exercise), and meditating.