• I’ve found comfort in realizing that advice, books, and hobbies (e.g. meditation) often don’t ’click’ until certain parts of our lives. It’s as if we have to be in the right state (emotionally, physically, maturity-level, etc.) to digest them. Don’t beat yourself up if a book recommendation didn’t resonate with a friend, it might just be the wrong time.
  • Funny how I spent today procrastinating on the post I logged about yesterday by writing a different one 🙈
  • First Sunday-coworking from Balanced. I practiced going first by suggesting this membership tier and now it’s officially a thing!
    • The space is how I aim to design my own apartment (and how I’d like to design my house someday).
    • Our trajectories take us on unexpected paths. Over 18 months ago, I was reading Leo’s posts on the Buffer blog. Now, I’m side-by-side in the same coworking space.