• Been pulling back from Twitter over the past few days. I’ve mentioned that the service has continually made my life better. While this is still (mostly) true, I’m hitting a season where I’m directing my energy elsewhere. Building Constellation, writing, training, and dating. Interpolating empty moments with an information firehose doesn’t give me the space to think independently or sit with my thoughts. I’ll still skim the timeline every few days, make sure my friends are heard, and reply to @-mentions/DMs. Three days in and I already feel healthier off the mental treadmill. More generally, a lot of folks point at Twitter’s short form nature being the culprit here. I feel like this slightly misses the bill. Short-form content is inherently fine. It’s the lack of well thought-out content and backing research which makes Twitter (broadly) feel like empty calories. I don’t think the answer here is a complete Twitter abstinence. However, I need to explore the other end of the spectrum to gut check my usage.