• At the heart of Ten Thousand is the idea of pursuit. In business, fitness, and life, we believe in moving forward with a quiet dedication to constant improvement.

  • Took an (unintentional) one month hiatus from the journal. I honestly missed updating it. Two aspects I want to improve about it:
    • Jekyll plugin that generates permalinks for each bullet
    • A workflow that doesn’t involve a human git commit. It adds too much friction.
  • Knee appointment turned up all-clear. Phew. Just a patellar tendinitis flare up (which I actually dealt with back in my cross country days)
    • Taking it somewhat easy this week, but, I should be set to race on Sunday (!!!).
  • One of the best aspects of NYC is coming back to it after vacation. It’s getting increasingly hard to see myself living anywhere else (while I don’t have a family). Going back home to VA this past weekend felt like exiting a highway. Which is necessary, but felt like I didn’t have the environment to chase earned fatigue.
  • Attending the first wedding in my friend circle this past weekend gave me a fresh lens on my friendships. Questions like: “Who do I want in my wedding party?“, “Who should give a speech?”, and “How well would my different ‘compartments’ of friends get along (not a worry, just that I have different mannerisms with some of them)?”
  • Peloton hackathon in a few weeks. Excited to come out of the woodwork.