• you [all] are on single initial basis now

    • Such a nice extension of being on a first-name basis with someone. Picked this up from Ryan over the past few months. R, KT, GE, GS, if any of y’all are reading this, 👊🏽
  • Noticing a lot of my private journal entries starting with “Such a dense day.” Despite the media narratives about 2017, personally—and I recognize that this comes from a place of privilege—this year has been the best yet. Here’s to the weeks ahead.
  • Ryan M. gave me such a nice shoutout about my SC profile. Made my day. I spend a large portion of my day with headphones on listening/curating music, so to know it’s affecting others for the better makes me really happy.
  • R dug through some of my old tweets which brought up such great memories. Also, reminded me of just how much I’ve changed since moving to NYC (to where I almost view Jasdev from n - 1 years ago as a goof haha). Cities are forcing functions for course corrections.