• “We all just want to dance in empty elevators.”
    • A snippet from last night’s journal that I’ve still been thinking about.
  • Decided to drop the subtitle of Distillations, “forgetting words, remembering ideas.” But, the copy I had explaining it very much shapes my approach for each post. Excited to start “Seek Perspectives, Not Mentors” this week. Its core thesis has roots in mathematics.
    • “The subtitle, ‘forgetting words, remembering ideas,’ is a nod to my background in mathematics. During lectures, I was constantly reminded that the details, mechanics, and ‘words’ of math aren’t important. We would forget them in a few years anyway. Instead, the ideas were what mattered—proof techniques such as a contradiction, induction, and correspondences. The goal was to spend time in the trenches of problems sets to develop an intimacy with these concepts. Distillations seeks to mirror this approach. In a sense, by effortfully turning observations into words, I hope to forget those very words—leaving behind a tangible intuition of the ideas.”